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Media Enquries

Would like an appearance by a relationship expert like no other? If so then Miss Dragonfly is available for media appearances on radio, TV, and other social media platforms and channels. Besides relationships, she can speak on matters relating to Astrology, Metaphysics, Eastern culture and traditions. Miss Dragonfly has an uncanny ability to explain complex and foreign concepts in very simple terms by getting to the essence of the underlying issue. You can contact her on

Available for appearances for:

Below are the list of events and platforms you may consider having Miss Dragonfly appear on and for.


Miss Dragonfly can appear on TV shows to discuss all things relationships. These will include during such times as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Also include hot topics on relationship such as Celebrity marriages and breakups. Other events such as the Lunar New Year, and topics such as cultural clashes.


Like TV appearances, Miss Dragonfly can be a great guest on radio shows to discuss all things relationships and can give relationship advice out to callers during live broadcasts. Miss Dragonfly can also provide in depth discussions on relationship issues and underlying reasons for break ups.

Social Media Platforms

If you have a Youtube or any other social media platform, you can request Miss Dragonfly to appear to discuss an alternate view on relationships and a how relationship between men and women really work.

Event Guest Speaker

Book Miss Dragonfly to be a guest speaker at any event you hold. Whether you want a no nonsense talk on relationships, male and female relations or present culture.

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