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First Factor In Choosing the right partner for marriage

Part 1 - Getting along just as you are

How would you know you have the right partner for marriage? Forget about beauty and prestige. When it comes to choosing the right partner for marriage which means the right life partner, the first factor that must happen for the both of you is that you MUST get along just as you are. The following are factors that sign you are doing just that:

1) You enjoy each other’s company

Another thing that relationship experts say you need to do is to make the effort to find time for each other, work to regularly set aside time to spend with each other. Many couples in trouble say it’s hard to find time for each other and that it’s such an effort. The truth is if you are compatible then you would naturally enjoy spending the time together, so much so that you would automatically make the time and it would not be an effort for you but a pleasure to do this.

Remember your favourite TV program that you don’t like to miss? You may reorganise your work, reschedule things, and even give up going out for the night just so you can be there in front of the TV when the program comes on simply because you enjoy it so much you don’t want to miss it. Most importantly you don’t feel it was an effort for you to do all this because you enjoy the program so much! It’s the same thing wanting to spend time with your partner. If you enjoy time with your partner, it wouldn't be an effort to find time to do it. Some say over time interest in your partner will naturally wane and so it increasingly becomes an effort. It doesn’t need to as long as you have sufficient interest in your partner. There were many fans of the TV show Seinfeld that never missed an episode of its seven-year run just because they loved the show so much they made sure they never missed it.

2) You are each other’s best friend

Many couples with golden anniversaries say the secret to such a successful marriage is that they are each other’s best friend. Indeed this is important, as when the passion dies, and it will die, you are still together because you want to be together. You want to be together because you enjoy each other’s company so much, and perhaps can’t even imagine being apart. If you do not feel that way then you are simply not with your compatible partner. For when you enjoy each other’s company because you get along so well, then you are also each other’s best friend.

Think about this: most people have a best friend. That person became your best friend above all the others because you naturally get along so well, enjoy each other’s company, do things together, and have no problems understanding each other. You don’t have to make an effort or compromise in order to get along because if you did then then you would not be best friends. You made the time to see each other because you enjoyed each other’s company and it never felt like an effort because it wasn’t. Why would you bother being with each other otherwise?

So, why would this scenario not also apply to relations with your partner? Why would making time for your best friend not be much of an effort, but making time for your partner is? Do you enjoy being with your best friend more than being with your partner? Do you and your best friend understand each other more than you do with your partner? If that’s the case then it’s clear that you are more compatible with your best friend than you are with your partner, and if this is the case then it’s a definite sign that you are not with your compatible partner.

Your partner should be your “best friend” in life. Then you would both enjoy hanging around each other all the time and this would bode well for the longevity of your marriage. However, unlike with your regular best friend, there is even more at stake than simply hanging out together. You and your spouse have an even greater connection, there is your life together and all that goes with it including children, assets, and the emotional investment in the marriage. You both have a vested interest in your life together, therefore there’s even more reason to get it right from the start.

This is just the first step in being a perfect match and most couples stumble just on this very first factor or just get stuck at this first step without going any further. For the next factor you must match with to being the perfect match read here.

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