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Traits To Look For When Choosing A Wife – For Men

It is important to carefully consider a potential spouse before committing to marriage. While there is no "perfect" spouse, there are certain traits that can contribute to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Men usually don’t consider that traits they need when choosing their permanent partner. Like everyone they usually choose just whoever they are attracted to. When asked. Common things they may say they want is someone: affectionate, intelligent, ambitious, athletic, cultured, loves to camp, has a great body, loves to travel, is a great cook, lives a healthy lifestyle, has perfect teeth and a great sense of humour.

Like most people, men say what they want but don’t actually know what they need. So what traits do men need in a partner?

Well like everything else you need someone suitable for the job. So if you have a position available then you would think about the requirements of the position, then look for the candidate with those skills that can perform and able to do those tasks.

Firstly think first about what you need a wife for? Is it one to go through life with you with all its trials and tribulations? Or is it to just be a pretty decoration? This is very important consideration as that will then tell you what you will need in a wife.

If just want a pretty decoration to admire then there is only one trait you need and that’s – looks. However, remember if you chose them for that quality alone then don’t expect them to have any other quality or skills as you did not check for them so don’t be disappointed when there isn’t any. That also means you can’t expect her to do anything else other than look pretty.

So what happens when your partner has no skills? If you are the one who ends up having to do everything in the relationship like: Earn money, then come home and cook, do all the house cleaning as well, make sure you pay bills on time, feed the dog (if any), do the laundry, help the kids with their homework (if you have any), and then you get to spend any time left admiring your partner’s looks.

How does all that sound to you? Or would you rather have someone able to take and deal with some of the tasks (ideally at least half), as that would make you go from overstretched to able to comfortably deal with tasks left to you. If you had a partner in life then this would be the case.

So qualities you would need in a wife (essentially a life partner) is:

Qualities that will be needed are:

*Is she good with money?

For if she isn’t then not only will you need to take control of and manage the finances, but there would likely be little if any savings while you keep working hard to bring money in. It will be like no matter how much you pour into your pocket, if it has a hole in it then the pocket will never be full.

*Can she cook?

If not you will have to do it yourself when you come home from work, or accept a life of takeaways and sandwiches. Such a bad diet over the long term will undoubtedly affect your health.

*Is she unselfish?

When in a marriage you need to think of others and priorities others over yourself for at least certain things be it the spouse or especially children, as you are not alone but connected with others. If she is selfish then she will only think of herself, then how would you feel continually having things go only one way – and that’s to her.

*Is she “settled” in her personality or is she still “wild”?

If she is restless and still need to “find the world” or “find herself” then will she be happy settling down in one place? As building a life together means setting down roots in one place and “settling down”. Think of how that would affect the children if their mother is not there for them but has gone off again on her own to some trip, gathering or commune. You will then have to take over and mother the children as well. Also how disruptive it would be to their lives and schooling if she continually uproots them to move again and again.

*Is she a team player?

Does what she do, help your marriage and family or only herself? Does she willingly do her share of tasks and support you? Like any team if you have a team member that just sits back and lets you do all the work, wouldn’t you feel resentment? Not only would you would be exhausted having to do everything yourself but also feel a growing resentment build inside of you.

*Can she earn money?

This one seems like being materialistic, however in this day and age you cannot get by with one income and actually need two. Even if you earn enough that she doesn’t have to work, what if something happens that you can’t? Will she be able to step up and earn the money if not permanently then until you are able to get back on your feet? Does she have the skills to earn money?

Overall, it is important to find the right partner and a wife with the above traits will be compatible, supportive, and loving. By considering these traits, you can increase the chances of finding a fulfilling and healthy relationship.

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