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Life Astrology Reading-Comprehensive

Chinese astrology reading comprehensive service

  • 7 hours 30 minutes
  • 1,000 Australian dollars
  • Online Meeting

Service Description

Chinese astrology reading - Comprehensive Service Want to make more sense out of your life? Not sure what the future will hold for you? The get a Chinese astrology reading that will give you clarity in your life and help you plan for the future. Not only that but it can tell you what your luck cycle is. That is when are you at your strong point and when you are weak. Your strong times are when things tend to go your way so you can afford to take risks then as you are likely to pull it off. However when you are at your weak point then things tend to go against you so that’s the time when you need to keep the status quo, in other words provide as little chance for things to go wrong as possible. With this powerful knowledge you can then plan your business or career moves. From the reading you will: • Knowing what your nature is • Help you to plan your career • Knowing what types of industries you are suited to and by extension will do well in (highly recommended for students so they can plan their studies towards the career with the most success for them). • Areas that would be good for you to live in • Your best colours • When you will likely or should marry • When your favourable and unfavourable periods will be so you can plan accordingly This comprehensive reading involves looking at and analysing your birth chart using three (3) methods in all areas as listed below: *Money/wealth *Relationships/marriage *Business *Career *Property *Health *Fertility What is required: Your Date of birth and sex at birth (this astrology reading will only work with your birth sex). Providing the time of birth as well will result in a more accurate reading. What is involved: This will take six (6) hours of analysing your birth chart using three (3) Chinese Astrology methods covering all areas. Then a one and a half (1.5) hour Zoom meeting with Miss Dragonfly to deliver the results. At Checkout: When you get to the checkout please add a note to provide: *Your name, date and time (if known) of birth and your sex. *A little about yourself regarding the areas you want looked at such as: • What you do for work? • What issues you are facing • Your health issues • Any relationship issues • What your goal you want to achieve is After you order and pay then we will contact you to advise you of when you can book for the Zoom meeting with Miss Dragonfly to get the reading. The appointment may take a few weeks depending on how busy we are.

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